Upcycled Shipping Container House

Take a look at one of the most innovative home designs ever.
This is totally something to be inspire with for all who like eco-friendly solutions and modern house designs. I know, you might say it is not so easy to get such a container to build your own Upcycled Shipping Container House, but I could not resist to show you this work of talented architects from "Arcgency".

As you can see on the beautiful photographs by Jens Markus Lindhe, the house, located in China, has as its base 3 shipping containers. You can easily say they've been used. There must be tons of these at any harbor city. The final effect is truly stunning. Simple, quick to build and, what is more, minimalist. This is something we would like the most considering a new house.

What is your opinion on this project? If you had such containers, would you build a house like this one? Share it with us on our facebook page.

Upcycled Shipping Container House








9 thoughts on “Upcycled Shipping Container House

  1. isabelle Egan says:

    It would be great to have plans and costings to these things. They look great, prohibitively expensive…

  2. inimini says:

    Truly love the container concept to create houses! I wonder though is this China?! Moroccan rugs and interior seem to suggest it ‘s somewhere else as well as the people pictured in the background of the pictures.

  3. robdog says:

    There are many companies world wide that currently make pre fab container homes. But its much cheaper if you do a lot of the work.

  4. Karina Haczek says:

    Yes, it’s located in Wuxi, China :) Click on the link to “Arcgency” and you’ll find more info on the house :)

  5. Dan. B says:

    Depending on where your location is, a 40 foot container runs about $1800-$2000 bucks a container. I’ve been looking into this much more these days. I’m planning on building me a home soon!

  6. Karina Haczek says:

    we know it’s a long term project but we would love to see your container house when it’s done @Dan. B :) do you have your blueprints ready?

  7. Tiffiny Quilts Smilie Mommy =) says:

    If ever the opportunity, I would love to live in something like this, knowing it has been repurposed / upcycled =)

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