Treehouse To Live In

A real house that you could build on a tree to move in with your family!
Have you ever dreamed of living in a real house on a tree? I have, and I am going to. One day, me and Mania will build one, and be more than happy there with our kids and no cat! As soon as we have come back from Slovak mountains today (and it was extremally beautiful and sunny day), I found this Treehouse to Live in on the web. Although our fave destination is in Croatia, France would do too.

This particular treehouse is located in La Clusaz (French Alps) and was build by Patrice and Hugo Bernard. They Run B&B called Ecotagnes there. If I had a chance I would go there to talk to them, and ask for any advice on how to build such a house for my family. The idea of a house that you wished to have as a child and, in the same time a house you could live in for life, is the most awesome for me.

What are your thoughts while looking at the pictures of this amazing treehouse? Would you copy its interiors or make it modern style? Do you consider it functional, safe and comfortable to live in the whole year? Tell us something about it below!

Treehouse to Live in








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  1. Anonymous says:

    It looks so cozy, I would stay there for a few weeks definitely! Even though I would prefer having one in the warmth near the ocean. Never for living there all year long, but for holidays for sure. Thank you for posting this lovely find.

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