Treehouse For Grown-Ups

Dreaming of a treehouse you could live in? Get inspired by this rustic getaway!
Hope you’re avid fans of treehouses just as we are, ‘cause there’s a next one on the way! We’ve already showed you The Magic Tree House In The City and The Tree house To Live In. Today we’ve got another one that can be used all year long.

The Treehouse For Grown-ups, designed by Missy Brown, was set up in the woody part of Vail, Colorado. This rustic retreat was equipped in a spiral staircase, kitchenette, sleeping quarters and electrical baseboard, but the real icing on the cake is the rooftop patio. I could surely use some time in such a relaxing place!

Don’t let your love for treehouses fade! Get inspired by this getaway and build your own. If you are a happy owner of a handbuilt treehouse, don’t be shy and show it below.

Check out more photos on Usual House website.





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