Tree House

Some people make their childhood dreams come true, just have a look!
I don’t think there are kids who don’t dream about having a treehouse, at least not the ones I know. I was also one of those who begged parents to move in a treehouse. For some reasons we didn’t ;)

Building a house in a tree occurs quite challenging unless you want a Simple Tree House with no walls and just a simple deck. However, some people dare to face difficult enterprise. They have enough skills, stamina and creativity to build astonishing things. Eilas on her photography blog gives a glimpse of her husband’s work. She has documented his perfection in building a two-storey Tree House. No wonder she was thrilled and proud of him after all he made her childhood dream come true.

Is there anyone else who built a treehouse? Be brave and boast of your designs on our website.

Check the photos on Eilas blog.



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