Transformable Coffee Table

Turn some plywood binders into usefull table which can change its shape anytime
I liked Coffee Table Upgrade Karina wrote about, few days ago, a lot. However creative and practical it is, it wouldn't fit our small apartment. Ikea Hackers show something even more creative on their site than this, though. Me - the great Ikea lover, would certainly put this cute Transformable Coffee Table on my "must do now" list.

Ikea Hackers suggest substituting artist stool with Frosta stool, which I personally consider prettier. As I tend to put a splash of vivid colors everywhere, I would do the same with those binders. It'll look lovely standing next to the white wall in our living room or bedroom. I can also easily imagine it as my crochet accessories storage or in the bathroom to put my laptop on and watch some movies while taking a bath.

What would you do with this genius, handmade table? Are you on your way to Ikea now? Don't forget to show us your Transformable Coffee Table, here.


Transformable Coffee Table

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