Toilet Paper Roll Art

Check out these tiny paper cuts in a cardboard tube!
Have you ever, as a child, dreamed of a tiny universe you could observe? When I first saw these detailed models created by Anastassia Elias, I felt as if my childhood dream came true. The look of these meticulously cut, petite shapes, made me feel as if I were entering a mysterious, parallel world I’ve always wanted to be true. And even though the material is so ordinary and the scale limits the number of details, Elias manages to tell a moving and beautiful story every single time. My son loves to create tales out of these scenes since they were built in a way that leaves a lot of room for imagination of the viewer.

When creating these tiny works of art, Anastassia uses manicure scissors and scalpel for cutting and tweezers for placing the elements inside the rolls. This talented girl is a Paris based philologist and journalist, working as a full-time artist and illustrator. All of her 75 toilet roll designs, created between 2009 and 2012, were gathered in a book titled “Rouleaux”.

In case they seem too complicated to make, check other ways of using toilet paper rolls. Stay tuned and inspired!

If you feel inspired by these lovely paper cuts and decide to create your own, show us your work on our site!

See more photos on Anastassia Elias' website.














Toilet Paper Roll Art

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