Tiny Landscapes Painted On Food

Get inspired, play with food and make your own piece of art!
My grandma used to reprimand me for playing with food while eating. I admit, I used to build potato bridges in my soups and meat caves next to salad forests. I wasn’t a poor eater but my creativity didn't stop working during meals. I couldn’t resist creating. My constructions were simple but solid, however eventually they always found their place in my stomach.

So you can imagine how full of admiration I was when I saw Tiny Landscapes Painted on Food. For a Turkish artist Hasan Kale even the little bits and pieces of food can be sufficient to depict a landscape. The impressive attention to details and diminutive size is breathtaking. I only wonder if there’s anyone who could eat such a brilliant piece of art without any remorse;)

As you can see not only canvas can become a perfect background for your brush strokes. When looking for some other flabbergasting creations, don’t skip Dragon Hedge.

I only hope you will get inspired and send us your handiwork.

To see the photos of Tiny Landscapes Painted On Food click here.
tiny-landscapes-painted-on-food-04 tiny-landscapes-painted-on-food-05 tiny-landscapes-painted-on-food-06 tiny-landscapes-painted-on-food-07 tiny-landscapes-painted-on-food-08 Do you let your kids play food while eating? If not, you may be discouraging a young artist! ;)

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