Tiny Home on Wheels

Take your cosy house with you whereever you go
I prefer cosy, small spaces to open and wide ones. It gives me the feeling of safety and comfort that I need to unwind. What is more, I can't imagine my live without travelling. With this Tiny Home on Wheels, though it is really small, finally I would be able to combine both, staying in my bed all day and moving from place to place, (Handi's driving of course).

The name of this creative project on wheels is ProtoHouse. You can find many interesting pictures, videos and more on the site, so feel free to check this out if you feel inspired to build your own. Do you like PtotoHouse? Which is your favorite part of its interior? (I like this awesome bed the most).

Share your opinions with other handimaniacs. Maybe there is someone who has already decided to build one?

Tiny Home on Wheels









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