The Kittyloft

Build unique indoor, carpeted way for your beloved cats.
I love cats for their independence, and adoration of leisure. Our Karol the Cat, would say he is happy to live in two-storey apartment (if he could speak), but I bet many of other cat owners have problems with building a cats way, fun and pretty in the same time while lacking space. Some time ago I came across the article about Bill and Maria, the founders of Uhuru Designs. They came up with this cool idea of simple stairs for cats, going above the door all the way around the room. The Kittyloft - that is what they called it, is one of the best designs I have ever found on the net. It is simple and minimalist, but cosy and warm in the same time. It is an excellent alternative for all who despise those boring and ugly scratchers that can be bought anywhere. I hope, we've inspired you to make this loft with your own hands, modifying it to fit your house and taste. If you manage to build such a construction for your furry friends, don't hesitate to show it here!.



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