The Cloud

See this stunning interactive thunderstorm lamp and speaker system in the form of a cumulus.
Few months ago we featured two DIY Cloud projects that can be easily made at home. Multidisciplinary designer Richard Clarkson took this dreamy idea to the next level. This talented artist created a cumulus cloud that is an and speaker system. It simulates a thunderstorm, both in light and sound. It has motion sensors mounted inside and after detecting user’s presence it creates a unique lightning and thunder show. It can also act as a powerful speaker system for streaming music via Bluetooth compatible devices. The cloud is able to adapt to both desired lighting color and brightness and is equipped in a nightlight and music reactive mode. The Cloud is a pricey piece of art & technology, but maybe you’ll feel inspired to create your own? Which of these two projects would you choose - DIY Cloud or DIY Homemade Clouds?

See The Cloud on Richard Clarkson’s website.

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