TetraBox Lamp

Amazing lamp shade made of drink containers
If we want to be really eco, we should find a way to reuse most of the things that at first glance appear to be junk. That’s why I want to present you an innovative way to reuse drink containers. The author of this project, Ed Chew, is a Malaysian architect and designer. He was worried about the amount of drink packets that were discarded each day by his fellow-countrymen while the landfills in Malaysia were full.

This lamp shade, based on packet drinks containers, is not an easy project for sure. It consists of many elements and definitely requires precision and patience, but the innovative and somewhat futuristic effect is worth the effort. What you have to do is to unfold the packets, cut them in strips, and refold them into hexagonal and pentagonal sections, then piece them together in any desired shape. You don’t need any special tools, any extra material to join the parts.

Unfortunately, there’s no tutorial for TetraBox Lamp we could show you. But even though, you could give it a try and start from assembling smaller forms and work out the way the elements are arranged. You can always share the effects of your work on our fan page.








TetraBox Lamp

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