Do you want your cat to travel in time? Get inspired to build this TARDIS Cat Fort!
Who rules? Who’s the real boss in your flat? The boss and the head of the family is the one that catches your heart with a lengthy ‘miaow’. How do cats do it that they always get want they want? Is it their fur, sweet look, or just their individual attitude?

The owners love the cats as much as cats love boxes. Some owners are so madly in love that they even use ‘advanced technology’ to let the cats travel in time. Look at this TARDIS Cat Fort posted on Tradis Builders. I’m sure the lucky cat was transported to any point in time and any place in the universe it had chosen. You probably remember Cat Bed Computer, so if we build such inventions as these for our cats they are sure to evolve technologically!

Does your cat have this supernatural power to convince you to realize different projects just for feline fun? Tell us about it!

See more photos on Tradis Builders.





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