Sharpie Car Art

Get inspired to make beautiful drawings on your car body!
As most of the girls the only thing I can distinguish in the cars is their color (don’t be offended if you’re not one of them and you know more). Ok, I may be exaggerating a bit, I know the brand marks and can recognize the logos, but I’m not particularly interested in the technical parameters. I can be responsible for car neatness and decoration, and that’s what probably most of us, women do.

On ‘Nico Club’ forum, I've found a girl who’s into Car Art. Her incredible work started when her boyfriend asked her to draw some doodles over a scratch on the front bumper of his car. She spent long hours covering every square centimeter of the car body in beautiful patterns. Now all drivers stuck in traffic jams next to this Nissan GTR can admire a huge piece of art. If you’re looking for some other inspirations to decorate your vehicles have a look at this Volkswagen Covered In Wood Pieces.

What do you think of these extravagant ways of decorating cars? Would you go for similar car art? Drop us a line. If you have your own projects you can share them with other handimaniacs!

See more photos on Nico Club.






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