Shared Table for People and Cats

Look at this two-function table!
Catty business is the kind of business we humans will never understand. Cats choose their way of living and seem not to care too much about the world. Actually, I think they do lead a very rich but still inner, not complicated full of fun existence. We let them be as they are by building Cosy Sponge Cat Cube or Old T-shirt Cat Tent to have the most comfort in their solitude.

But cats also want to have fun. One of the designers T Ruan Hao from LYCS thought of satisfying cat’s movement and curiosity needs.He designed a table has two functions as both people and cats may use it. While the owner works, the cat has fun following the ‘corridors’ carved under the tabletop. The idea was created for the owners whose cats tend to interrupt in work. Do you face similar problems with your cat? How do you manage to get rid of it when you have an important project to complete. Don’t hesitate to write about the feline business on our fan page

Don’t hesitate to write about the feline business below.

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  1. Karina Haczek says:

    I was thinking ’bout reusing a pallet to create a sort of maze for cats inside :) this wouldn’t look so stunning but could be functional too :)

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