Santaniel Toys

Check out these incredible hand-made toys, they look like living creatures!
I must admit that I imagined contemporary handmade toys in a different way. As sweet rag dolls or made ​​from natural materials cuddly toys. These, created by Russian artist, are surprisingly different. On the one hand they are similar to cute, little creature like Gremlins (before transformation, of course), on the other hand, they are a little disturbing and scary. It’s hard to define if they are good and friendly or malicious and devious. They seem to have two faces

But the most important and praiseworthy thing is their implementation. They look totally like alive. Their sharp eyes make you feel like they’re looking at you. These are made with extreme precision, they look very impressive. They are the mix of animals we know and some fictional creatures taken from science fiction movies. This unusual fusion makes you want to be the owner of such a unique creation.

What do you think about these toys? Ate they cute or scary? Talk to me in comments below!

To see more photos visit Santaniel Instagram or Santaniel's profile on Devianart.







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