Repurposed Cot

Be inspired to make a working table for kids out of their bed.
Everybody knows children love to draw everywhere. Especially on clean, spacious parts of the apartment walls, or on furniture. You don't want to know how our flat is 'decorated', walls and tables mainly.

Speaking of tables we are in a need of one as a work area for our elder daughters. I have found something exactly for us in the Repurposed Cot D.I.Y project on A Little Learning for Two blog. This amazing idea delighted me as much as a Repurposed Play Kitchen I wrote here about some time ago. Again, that's the kind of D.I.Y. project, which, by reusing already useless thing you are in a possession of right now, helps you create something so useful, that the moment you finished building it you can not imagine life without it!

Since my place is over floating with the stuff our kids have grown out, and we are in a constant need of giving them things suited to their age the Repurposed Cot would save us from being lost in a sea of children things. It's hard to imagine better craft inspiration, so please DO feel inspired.

To see the full Repurposed Cot project, click the link.

Repurposed Cot

Repurposed Cot - Kids

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