Reindeer Cupcakes

Quick, easy, and adorable cakes for Christmas.
Lately, I’m lucky in finding recipes for cakes that are just as tasty as decorative. We have already presented few tutorials for baking masterpieces, but they are definitely more difficult than this one. To prepare these cute reindeers you can use cupcakes you baked yourself or just buy some. Your main work would be decorating, and that makes these cakes a super simple project!

Annie - the author of this idea, describes the Reindeer Cupcakes on her blog “With sprinkle on top” in just few words, so for me it’s a proof how easy they are. If you want to try something bigger and you have more time and ingredients, check Golden Santa Bread tutorial.

Don’t forget to post some pictures of your Reindeer Cupcakes or any other Christmas baking on Handimania’s fan page!

To see the original idea for Reindeer Cupcakes, click here.

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