Recycled Skateboard Guitars

Check out these skateboards turned into cool guitars!
You may wonder what to do with old sports equipment. The easiest way to get rid of it, is a garage sale but if you are sentimental about some stuff you may think about upcycling. For example skateboarders shouldn’t worry if their boards are chipped or broken as they can be upcycled like any other item. The online magazine Icreatived presents Ezequiel Galasso’s idea of using old boards to make Recycled Skateboard Guitars. The guy is amazing, for years he has been collecting broken decks to upcycle them and make musical instruments in many different designs. Giving second life to old skateboards may become a good hobby especially when you live close to a skatepark. I’ve already reused old skis for a Takedown Bow now I’m tempted to try out old skateboard upcycling action.

Do you have any other ideas for using old sport equipment? Let’s get in touch on our website and leave us a comment below.

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