Reading Loft

Do you need a quiet place to read? Have a look at this loft!
When I read I feel I have time only for myself. Sometimes I’m so utterly absorbed by the book that I can’t hear or see anything else. I like letting my imagination to manipulate my thoughts. If I had more time I could even read two books per day. If your imagination is fertile enough you can indulge in the book so much that the surroundings doesn’t matter. You can read at the busy train station, in a park or at home. But it’s good to know that when you come back to reality, this reality is as pleasant as the pictures conjured up by your imagination.

Gabrielle Blair from Designed Mom has created such a place. Her Reading Loft is inviting and appealing for all family members. The arrangement of books on shelves, the comfy armchair and pillows scattered on the floor make unique ambience. This tiny space surely makes the best place to read. The only thing I would add is Spool Bookcase to keep my favourite books at hand.

Where is you favourite place for reading? Share the ideas for reading rooms on our website.

Check the photos on Design Mom.


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