Rainbow Table

Let the rainbow inspire you to make this colorful, taped furniture.
I love Mondays like this. It is sunny and warm, Anya has been smiling or sleeping and Simon’s showing me a bunch of new inspirations for today's posts. What is more, Dorian is happy to start his holidays, and strawberries are so sweet. This is a perfect day for anything you’ve wanted to complete for a long time.

I have discovered recently that colors of the rainbow make me happy more than others (I bet there are more of us out there). There is something particularly attracting in this combination of tones. If you google rainbow stuff, you’ll get a great number of different items you wouldn’t even thought could be so colorful. From toys and clothes to hair and cakes. It is beyond doubt that The Rainbow inspires people to make rad staff.

A Rainbow Table. Lady Croissant changed one, small Ikea table, using solid-colored washi tapes which became an inspiration for Elise from "Enjoy it" blog. Both are wonderful and creative, though made the same way (except that Elise used paper tapes). I liked the small one because I have got the same and always wanted to embellish it somehow. Elise’s desk looks amazing, and our craft table could do with those colors (though Simon hates stripes).

Could you think of any other colors combinations? Stripes horizontal, vertical, or maybe diagonal? If you have been inspired now, start this project today, do not wait up till it rains! We are waiting for the pictures: [email protected]

Go to this link to see Lady's Croissant Rainbow Table.

Here is Elise's Taped Work Table.

Rainbow Table

Rainbow Table Collage

Rainbow Table

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