PVC Backyard Movie Screen

Need some fresh inspiration for another project using PVC pipes?
Does summer in the city still frighten you a bit? That's my case, which is why I keep surfing in the internet in a search for the inspiration how to 'survive' it. Did the idea of the Tricycle Car Wash we posted here few days ago make high temperatures more tolerable for you? Now, what if you need to cope somehow with summer evenings in a hot as an oven apartment after a long tiring day?

The PVC Backyard Movie Screen from PVC PLANS definitely can help! Imagine your backyard (private one, your friends' or the one you share with the neighbours) turned into summer cinema with this great DIY project. You could spend all the evenings outdoors, free from indoors heat, and with the excellent company of your friends and your favorite movie actors. Sounds great but look like hell of a lot of work to do, you would think. Probably you are right, but it wouldn't be difficult to create a team of the enthusiasts of the summer-in-the-city cinema, who would help you with this project, I think.

If you agree with me that the effect is worth of the effort, please feel free to be inspired and DO not forget to show us pictures of your summer film shows, here.

Pictures of PVC Backyard Movie Screen, built by Jon Martin.

PVC Backyard Movie Screen

PVC Backyard Movie Screen 02

0 thoughts on “PVC Backyard Movie Screen

  1. C spencer-elliott says:

    I can not find instructions on how this was made. What materials are used.

  2. Karina Haczek says:

    Unfortunately there are no instructions for this project :( It was added to Craftspiration category, where we present cool ideas that can inspire you to make similar projects :)

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