Pumpkin Diorama

Want some Halloween drama in your life? Look at this diorama!
There’s is this depressing tendency in society which tells people to listen about tragedies. We are still overwhelmed by the media which transmit bad news about catastrophes, failures and deaths. Everything on TV is so serious and so disheartening that I don’t watch it at all.

However, there's one moment in the whole year when I break the rule and joke about death, bloody scenes and skeletons. I let the Bats in, or decorate our house with Jack-O’-Lanterns. I’m not much into dramatic scenes but if you want a real pumpkin drama at home, I’ve got something for you. No, no I don’t mean your pumpkin has gone bad, or it exploded in your oven. I mean Pumpkin Diorama, which is a freaking awesome idea for Halloween decoration. Kate of ‘The Art of Doing Stuff’ used foam pumpkin and presented a really dreary scene. I don’t know if you like bloody humor, but if you are an enthusiast of it, you are sure to like it.

If you’ve also made some Halloween decorations, don’t wait to show them to us!

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