Pallet Wood Front Porch

Get inspired by this upcycled pallet porch!
Did you know that the roots of wood pallet use dates back to medieval times? They were used as beds for servants. Obviously this usage is out of date, nowadays they are basically used for transportation of heavy stuff. But looking at a large amount of those which are no longer in use, no wonder there are so many recycle, upcycle, reuse or repurpose pallets projects. We’ve presented DIY Pallet Living Wall and Storage Pallet Sofa which are examples of how pallets can be used for interior decoration.

But Susan form Redo Redux blog gives us a perfect example of using pallets to build Pallet Wood Front Porch. Together with her husband Bill, they laboriously and patiently created a naturally looking front patio. Not only does it look simple but it makes the country atmosphere. I like this project a lot!

Have you used the pallets in your gardens or elsewhere around your house? Do send the photos of your ideas to our website.

Check the photos on Redo Redux.



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