Pallet Swimming Pool

Another great, pallet project to take up this summer

We have already showed you so many pallet projects here, that it is hard to count. There were, tables, beds, swings, swinging beds, compost bins and even Pallet City Ride. It seems that this material is the most versatile ever and everyone wants to have at least one piece of pallet furniture at home.

We don’t know about what weather is going to be this summer yet, but we know we need to build this awesome Pallet Swimming pool. The person who built it certainly did a great job showing us at least few pictures. Grab ten pallets, strong foil, cloths and start this project immediately!

If you are into more natural solutions, check out this cool Hay Swimming pool.

Have you got some questions or experience in building such pool, talk to us on FB. Can’t wait till sunny days of summer, and you?








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