Pallet House

Feel encouraged to build an upcycled Pallet House!
Yes, I am a pallet upcycling freak. Whenever I look for some interesting projects I, somehow, always end up positively overwhelmed by the abundance of pallet reuse ideas. Pallets upcycling has appeared in so many different projects, beginning with small accents such as Pallet Wood Crates, bigger - Pallet Coffee Table and the biggest Pallet Wood Flooring. But building a Pallet House has gone much beyond my fertile imagination.

I-Beam which is a New York based architecture and design firm has come up with this innovative and ecological project. The inspiration for the Pallet House came from the fact that 84% of the world's refugees could be housed with a year's supply of recycled American pallets’ says the description on the website. I admire the lofty reason but I also keep in mind that this type of house may occur fabulous solution for a summer parcel.

What’s your view on this idea? share it below.

The photos of Pallet House can be seen here.


Would you build it in your backyard?

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