Pallet Fence

Check out this amazing method of turning pallets into a fence!
I am lucky to find ingenious pallet projects. I wrote yesterday about Strawberry Pallet Planter, and I was so impressed by that clever idea. Today I’ll show you something equally interesting. Amy R. posted pictures from the process of creating a fence from pallets on Hometalk website. You will be surprised how easily you can change pallets into a fence. When you decide to make it don’t forget about decorating it, for example with marbles ;)

There’s no doubt that fence made from reclaimed wood is much cheaper than made from bought one. Of course, fencing made in this way will not be high ‘cause of pallet’s size. But you can try to modify this somehow. I am sure that fans of pallets will find a way to connect parts to get a higher fence.

If you have any idea how to improve this concept, or maybe you’ve already tried this, talk to us about it in comments below!

Check out the photos on a Hometalk.



pallet fence pin


Are you fed up with pallet reuse ideas? ;)

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