Mario Bro Cat Climber

Get inspired to make this unique cat furniture modeled on the Super Mario Game.

Sharpie Car Art

Get inspired to make beautiful drawings on your car body!

Geometric Paper Masks

Use simple templates to cut out of paper the perfect mask for Halloween party!

Pumpkin Diorama

Want some Halloween drama in your life? Look at this diorama!

Zen Zone for Kids

You need only one, big cardboard box to make your kiddo happy !

Old Pallet Fence

Upcycle old pallets to build this budget enclosure.

Wooden Photo Frame

Hang pictures of your beloved on this charming wooden frame!

Santaniel Toys

Check out these incredible hand-made toys, they look like living creatures!

Wearable Planters

You’re looking for jewelry idea? Check these crazy mini planters!

Facial Pictures

Get inspired to wear pictures of cartoon characters on your face!


Do you want your cat to travel in time? Get inspired to build this TARDIS Cat Fort!