Old Pallet Fence

Upcycle old pallets to build this budget enclosure.
I love people who are not afraid to take a risk and do something new and very inspiring. I appreciate those who made Pallet Wood Chair or Strawberry Pallet Planter for sure. I keep my finger crossed for all those who are eco-friendly and take ideas for recycling wood pallets and making attractive and useful garden decorations or outdoor furniture. But doing a big idea like fence seems completely insane!

Searching for some fence pallet projects, I found impressing one on 'Hometalk'. I'm not surprised that Sumter - the owner of CraftingStuff (by the way his blog is on an alteration) used wood pallets to create this fence. Pallets are brilliant for each project that you want to do. Nevertheless, Sumter used old pickets from a fence that had been torn down. He mixed a new and old piece of wood, what is interesting and inspiring for me.

What do you think about an 'old and new' combination? Do you like it? Talk to us about it in comments below!

Check out the full tutorial on Hometalk!

What you need:


  • Drill
  • Hammer

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Wood pallet
  • Old pickets

To see the full list of Tools and Supplies check out the source post.


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