Mustache Straws

Create funny decoration for your party drinks!
Who’s in need of a very simple, funny and fast party idea? We’ve got one for you and it comes from Pretty Little Life blog run by Amanda. If you’re out of time, you can always order a set of these hilarious staches (there are plenty of them around the web) but why don’t you give it a try, save some money and do it yourself?

Moustache Straws are quick to make and don’t require any special skills - all you need is thick, black paper, scisorrs and hole puncher. Oh, and a bit of creativity ;) ‘cause it’s way more fun if your guests have different staches patterns to choose (below you'll find one that comes from Fun Stuff To Do)

We would love to see your pics from parties with your handmade mustaches! Don't be shy and add them below!



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