Mosaic CD Garden Table

Old and damaged table can gain a fresh look with used CD’s

The idea of upcycling old stuff is the closest to our slow life philosophy. We tend to collect things in order to turn them into the new ones when their time comes. Therefore, we’ve loved the idea of reusing old CD’s as pieces of mosaic design.

Some time ago you could see the full tutorial of how to make Mosaic Tail Birthbath for little fellows on our website, and we bet it inspired some of you. Another great example of using mosaic pattern would be Mosaic Bedside Table made out of a chair and some glass pebbles. Ain’t it pretty!?

Let’s go back to using CD’s as a main material, though. We found a very talented guy who calls himself Emzul, who uploaded his amazing Mosaic Table to Imgur. Here you can see the number of pictures on how he created this beautiful, round table, with a lot of patience, many crushed CD’s and quick dry glue.

We are stunned looking at the final effect, knowing how much work he had to put into this cool, diy project!

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