Moon Shaped Cradle

Rock your baby in the wooden moon bed
If I could buy a cradle to little Anya again, I would probably buy this awesome hammock again. I can't imagine how we handle without it, when she is too big. Anyway, I dreamed of Moon Shaped Cradle at first. There is one to buy at "Creme Anglaise" site. It cost 900 euro, though, which I think, is way to expensive.

What if we make one!? With very little effort, it is possible. If you do not have special tools, you can always design the cradle and have it done by a carpenter. I bet any infant and a baby would love to sleep inside this warm and cosy bed straight from the stars.

What do you think about such project? Do you consider it very complicated? Share your opinions and ideas with other handimaniacs.

Moon Shaped Cradle

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