Miniature Bonsais

Have a look at these cute plant miniatures, they may inspire you to do something big!
The Japanese obsession on miniaturizing things has embraced so many traits of life. We are no longer surprised at the sight of small computers, mobiles and cars. After all they are practical and handy.

However, the obsession has reached the plants too. Ok, I know you can say that a bonsai is not a newcomer. But if you think that bonsai is a small version of a tree you should have a look at these miniatures of miniatures.

Johnny from Colossal has come up with a few pictures of Miniature Bonsais. They look really cute but I think they may be a bit difficult to plant. The funny thing that comes to my mind is that you’ll have to use miniature watering can and miniature scissors to trim these trees.

Will you be willing to have a go at planting these? If you find them too small you can always go for Succulent In A Jar which is beautiful too.

We’re waiting for other extraordinary ideas on home plants. If you want you can share them on our website

The photos of Miniature Bonsais can be found here








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