Mario Bro Cat Climber

Get inspired to make this unique cat furniture modeled on the Super Mario Game.
We know that some of you handimaniacs are big fans of cats and other furry friends. We are pretty sure that you will do almost everything for your sweet pet. Your pet is the boss in your house and stole your heart so much that you'll do everything for them, and you will spoil them as much as possible. Am I right?

You know that young and active cats need a modern cat tree or shelves to climb, jump and rest. To assist in their wild development, you will need this Cat’s Climber. Look at this Mario Cat Climber posted on ‘Imgur’ website and be inspired to make one for your furry friends. This easy to make project will please any cat. This construction is time- consuming, but I’m sure that those of you who share the love for cats, and crafty ideas will be more than happy to get their hands busy with it.This projects definitely looks like the perfect way to share your wall with a kitty or two!

If you decide to share your wall with this cat climber send us the photos!

See more photos on Imgur.




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