Magical Paper-Cut Light Boxes

See what pictures you can present with a simple piece of paper!
Paper art has always been my hobbyhorse. I’m fascinated by the way we can turn an ordinary piece of paper into something astonishing. Amazing Quilling Pictures are one of those projects which left me speechless.

Today I’d like to join another paper art to my bewilderment collection.

Deepti Nair and Harikrishnan Panicker are two inspirational illustrators, graphics and artists. In their works they use paper as they claim it’s the simplest medium to show something beautiful. What amazes in the pictures they make, is precision and attention to every single detail to show the atmosphere of each scene.Thanks to the play of light which is inseparable part of their creation, we can admire illusionary effects of their pictures. Even the topics they choose for their works are extraordinary. They heros of the stories they create are vivid, strong and mysterious.

I am flabbergasted at how unique designs can be presented in Magical Paper-Cut Light Boxes. If you are paper artists don’t hesitate to share your collections on our fan page.

To see Magical Paper-Cut Light Boxes follow the link
Magical-Paper-Cut-Light-Boxes-00 Magical-Paper-Cut-Light-Boxes-01 Magical-Paper-Cut-Light-Boxes-02 Magical-Paper-Cut-Light-Boxes-03 Magical-Paper-Cut-Light-Boxes-04 Magical-Paper-Cut-Light-Boxes-05 Magical-Paper-Cut-Light-Boxes-06 Magical-Paper-Cut-Light-Boxes-07 Magical-Paper-Cut-Light-Boxes-08 Magical-Paper-Cut-Light-Boxes-09 Magical-Paper-Cut-Light-Boxes-10 Magical-Paper-Cut-Light-Boxes-11 Magical-Paper-Cut-Light-Boxes-12

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