Limitless Embroidery Art

Get inspired to grab a needle and embroider whatever you want!
Embroidery is one of those miraculous crafts in which anything can be conjured by the use of thread or yarn. Some embroidery artists incorporate beads, metal elements to embellish their work. I’ve never had enough patience to complete at least one project, so my admiration for Ana Teresa Barboza’s work is even deeper than for other artists.

Her Limitless Embroidery Art is created by blending various materials beginning with traditional yarn, ending with drawings and photographs. For Ana embroidery hoop is just an ‘embryo’ of much greater creation. Inspired by human body and nature she creates vivid, not stereotypical images. A lot of practice is needed to become such a master, so remember to inspire your young ones to produce their handiwork. They can start their thread and needle adventure with Printable Sewing Cards For Kids.

Are there any embroidery projects you have completed? Don’t be shy and share them with us.

The photos of Limitless Embroidery Art are available here.








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