Turn a Lighter into a Mini Motorcycle

Have fun buildig a mini bike out of a lighter.
A father’s life ain’t that easy nowadays, and I like being a boy once for a while. Sculpting little weapons out of sticks, painting mini figures or playing board games all day long gives me a chance to be a kid again. This is one of the biggest con of living with a ten year old lad under one roof – you’ve got a companion to play and Mania is happy you spend so much time together.

I’ve been looking for new inspirations for a handmade toy. It should be like a model of a real thing. Something hard and resistant that could stay for longer than paper toys. It was not easy to find such items, as all involved spending much money for supplies or tools. Finally, I managed to dig out a Mini Motorcycle Made out of a Lighter here. It does not include all steps and details, but I am sure your imagination will help here.

I know it might not look so nice for ladies, but on the other hand, it will make happy each son, grandson or brother if you decide to take up this techincal craft with him. I would even risk saying it is better than Lego Technic. If you are really creative, you can try to polish some plastic parts and then paint them different colors so that your mini bike look truly amazing. I believe many of you, especially guys, will think twice before throwing out your lighters. Either you do it for your son, or for your own satisfaction, you'll see how happy you can be while D.I.Ying.

If you liked those awesome motorcycles, felt inspired to make more toys yourself, share your opinion with us here or better show us your works.

Turn a Lighter into a Mini Motorcycle 01

Turn a Lighter into a Mini Motorcycle 02

Turn a Lighter into a Mini Motorcycle 03

Turn a Lighter into a Mini Motorcycle 04

Turn a Lighter into a Mini Motorcycle 05

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