Jack Danniels Crochet Blanket

This is a huge piece of yarn inspiration by Rebecca Bren

As Rebecca told us, she started crocheting 5 years ago. Although her granny taught her when she was young, it wasn’t sooner than after watching one YT video that “the hook” in her fingers actually clicked.

Why not crocheting granny squares, hats or amigurumis - you may wonder, but have you seen graphgans before? I consider myself an experienced crocheter, and I haven’t heard about this awesome yarn art before. Her Jack Daniels Crochet Blanket is a rad stuff. It attracts our attention from the first few stitches. All the details of the label have been preserved to compose this awesome, yarn image. Can’t imagine the time spend on this as well as the amount of yarn.

Rebecca’s Bren Craft Crazy Creations shop on Etsy and her FB page are worth your time to check out. Bear in mind that her skills, creativity, and patience for weaving in tons of ends are unusual!


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