Ikea Chair Hanger

Cool and simple hack for your hallway
I am really into using everyday objects in a new way. I like to be surprised by their hidden potential. And since we are drowning in things, I deeply admire designers, who decide not to create new products but to repurpose existing ones. Today I am very happy to bring you quite unusual IKEA hack. It has a bit of a surreal touch as you wouldn't usually think of placing a chair on the wall, would you?

This simple yet ingenious hack was created by Yi Cong Lu, Asian designer living in Leipzig, Germany. It's one of the ideas that make you want to say "Why the heck didn't I think of it before?" All you need is TERJE chair from IKEA, few screws and free space on the wall. The result you get is an extraordinary hanger - cheap, quick and easy - sounds like a perfect DIY project, don't you think?
Ikea Chair Hanger

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