Hunting Trophies: Repurposed Vintage Bike Parts

A hanger or a trophy? Check this out!
As one of my favourite American writers Henry David Thoreau claimed 'he went to the woods because he wished to live deliberately'. Indeed, the wood is the place where we can breath with full chest. Whenever I come to the woods I concentrate on the penetrating smell of pine trees teasing my nostrils. I could even live in an Eco-friendly Hobbit House in the middle of a forest.

I appreciate the nature and its great abundance so much that I can forget about the whole world. I could never understand why and how people dare to destroy the majesty of natural habitat. And another thing, I do realize that people killed animals for food but I never accepted killing for fun. But some people are really inspired by fun-hunting. Vienna-based designer Andreas Scheiger created a series of faux taxidermy heads. His Hunting Trophies which are Repurposed Vintage Bike Parts are hung all over the wall to serve as hooks for holding bags, clothes and bicycles. I love this surreal idea but you should personally have a look and form your own opinion. Don’t forget to let us know what you think.

See more photos on Andreas Scheiger’s blog.








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