A Huge Collection of Embroidered Temari Spheres

Get hypnotized by looking at these enchanting Temari Spheres!
Temari Spheres come from Asian culture; they are carefully hand-embroidered balls created in detail to present spectacular patterns. According to believes they are extraordinary gifts serving to show someone’s deep friendship and loyalty. You may be enchanted by the hypnotizing power of their colour arrangements and motifs. The balls seem to have some kind of internal and external energy which can be passed on to your thoughts and well-being. Simple materials can be used to make these mysterious beauties, though this piece of art may be a bit time consuming.

You can see a wide range of these mystical thread balls presented on Collosal by a Flickr user - NanaAkua. All of these were made by a 88-year-old woman. She has probably made them as gifts for her grandchildren. Admire her work and get inspired.

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To see the collection of Temari Spheres have a look at this link.







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