House On Wheels

Looking for a compact house? Check this out!
I’m always astonished at the stories of people you give up their job, their life in the city, their friends and they start a new adventure somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of busy street and swarming people. They usually find a place off the beaten track and buy an old cottage, renovate it and start seeing their former life from a different perspective. I wish I could afford do the same. In a warmer climate I'd do for a Floating Teepee but here where I live I can only dream of a Tree House to Live in. I’ve currently found another solution. Apartment Therapy came up with a house which I could take everywhere I wanted - a House On Wheels. The project is called Fresh Start, I think this may be applied to a new life on the outskirts. The interior consists of one long room containing a kitchen, a bathroom and a sleeping space below the ceiling. I’m impressed with this house as it looks cosy and compact.

Will you give yourself a chance of leaving everything behind and starting a new life? Would you like to do it? Write us your hopes and doubts below.

To see the photos of House On Wheels follow the link.








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