Horse and Saddle Swing

Turn an old saddle into a swing that kids and adults would love.
After I made some research and wrote about relaxing gadgets such as hammocks and hanging beds, it would be inappropriate for me not to mention swings. It is amazing how swings influence not only children, but adults with the same force.

I've never had an occasion to be on a real ranch, and I''ve never been that fond of horse riding to be honest but, on the other hand, I have always dreamed of living on a farm and to become the proud owner of a swinging bench on my little house porch. Although, there must be something for day fun for my children, as well. Kim, the creator of "Spotted Pony" website and truly creative mom, inspires me with her Horse and Saddle Swing which she describes with all details and tells us an amazing story of its creation. Entire project has been graced by beautiful photographs.

Kim felt inspired by the picture found on Pinterest, and now I can't stop thinking about building this awesome swing in the future for my kids and some adult friends too. What do you think about this swing? Would you like to make such or something equally creative and fun? Share your opinion with us, and maybe as a community of handimaniacs we'll create something cool too.

To read the full story of Kim's Horse And Saddle Swing, click this link.

Horse And Saddle Swing Collage

Horse And Saddle Swing

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