Historic Home Renovation

Get inspired to renovate an old house!
During our last Saturday family walk, we spotted an old abandoned house. I could say it was a real moss-grown ‘wreck’ house with no windows or door. The view made me wonder about the history of the house. It must have been a warm wooden dwelling once. Why did people abandon it?

I think there’s always a chance to give a new life to a flickering out soul of a dilapidated hut. As The Thomases did to their Mississippi home. They brought back their 1820s home to life to have a place to spend time with their extended family. The Renovation of this Historic Home lasted for three years, but the result is stunning. Thanks to the owners’ diligent research the house combines past, present and the future styles.

Do you like the house? I admire every single detail of their work. Would you be ready to renovate a house? If not, you can always start with a smaller project such as Cabinet Upgrade. Give it a try and let me know.

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