Giant Wool Blanket

Check out this warmth and a truly comfort blanket!
Are you looking for something to warm you up during the cold evenings? Imagine how wonderful it would feel to be snuggled up underneath this blanket that feels like a giant wool sweater for your entire body. Try using wool batting formed into strands. At first it looks like a lot of work, and it really is, but at the end of this D.I.Y. project you will have the coziest and warm enormous knitted blanket ever made by you! This blanket was made according to pattern from the 'Nocturnal Knits', don't hesitate and give it a go!

What is your biggest knitting project that you have ever made? Don’t be shy and show us some pictures! We’re sure you will manage to make it even more creative!

Check out more pictures on the Imgur.



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