Bounce Below: A Giant Network of Trampolines

Would you like to bounce around underground? It’s possible, just have a look!
Are you fond of Indiana Jones adventures? I have always been fascinated by mysterious ways he chose and puzzles he had to sort out. But what gave the most amazement were all the subterranean scenes in which caves and caverns resembled giant playground with climbing frames and slides. I always thought I wanted to join in.

Can you imagine it’s possible now in a small Welsh town where Bounce Below - a network of trampolines and slides mounted to the walls of an abandoned slate mine at heights of 20 feet to 180 feet off the ground was unveiled. To add to the atmosphere of the place the cavern is illuminated by technicoloured light. The place is not only for kids but for adults too. So if a Family Swing is already not enough for you head for Wales and have more fun.

To see the photos of : A Giant Network of Trampolines click here.



Who’s ready for a big jump?

2 thoughts on “Bounce Below: A Giant Network of Trampolines

  1. AppliedSarcasm says:

    Why is this on a DIY website when you don’t include directions but rather links to where this can be purchased??

  2. Gaba Banas says:

    @AppliedSarcasm, please read again (carefully) the name of this post’s category. Here we write about inspiring idea, but we don’t show the tutorial because it doesn’t exist. We hope that maybe someday somebody talented and inquiring as you are, will come up with detailed tutorial :) Cheers!

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