Geometric Paper Masks

Use simple templates to cut out of paper the perfect mask for Halloween party!
If you’re looking for some low-budget costume for the Halloween party, you’re in the right place. You should check out Duct Tape Batman Mask or these paper ones created by a great designer Steve Wintercroft. He prepared a set of masks, which every crafter can easily make at home. To facilitate the process of creating them, he added templates. So now, you can transform into one of the most popular animals, your favorite character from a science-fiction movie or in simple skeleton.

These masks are unique; they have special futuristic, disturbing look. When I saw them first time, they reminded me old school, frightening horror movies. As the author says, these mask were used on many fashion shots and festival, on music videos and design events. He created them as environment-friendly, unique alternative for plastic shop bought masks.

Which one of Wintercroft’s mask you like the most? Talk to me in comments below!





via Colossal

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