Garage Converted Into Apartment

Change your garage into a cozy apartment!
We featured all kinds of DIY projects you could be interested in. Some of them are easy and you can make it yourself without special tools or skills, the rest of them could be a huge inspiration, but in adaptation you may need some help of professionals. This one is a difficult one. It’s an original, architectonic project of converting the garage into amazing single level dwelling, called Passage Buhan. The effect is stunning!

It’s a work of the French architectural office Fabre/de Marien from Bordeaux. This talented French team shows how you can rearrange a small, useless place in the middle of the town into practical, charming and modern apartment with patio, entresol and all improvements you need.

If you want to get more inspirations check the Treehouse To Live In, it’s an another way to build a very unique house!

We’re waiting for photos of your adaptation projects :) You can share your ideas and thoughts below, too.

Visit Fabre/de Marien's website for full info on the project.





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