Funny Individuals From Everyday Objects

Some everyday objects aren’t as ordinary as they seem, just have a look!
I have this strange obsession of looking around and finding ‘smiley face’ in ordinary objects. One day walking down the street I noticed that drain lid was smiling at me. It had two starry eyes, a snub nose and wide smile. I know I sometimes embellish reality but believe me it’s easier to live.

If you think I’m too wacky, what would you say if I told you that there is an artist who can see different characters in everyday objects? Gilbert Legrand can espy funny features of mundane objects and with a few strokes of his brush he can create Funny Individuals.

If you want to begin your search of human shapes in day-to-day items you can start with Kissing Clothespin Craft for your friends’ wedding.

Don’t forget to share your positive obsessions with us, we are eager to see the bright side of your life.

To see the photos of Funny Individuals From Everyday Objects click here.








See how many fun characters are hidden all around you!

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