Fragile Beauty – Franc Grom

Get inspired by these delicate, sculpted egg shells!
In our part of Europe, Easter is strongly connected to the tradition of decorating eggs. The egg which is the identifiable symbol of life and resurrection, since years have been taking a main role on the holiday table. Members of every family are particular about decorating eggs, not only for continuing the tradition, but also to have a chance to spend a joyful time together.

The preparation for Easter is a very happy and creative time. In our culture, the most popular technique of decorating eggs is painting, scratching, writing, taping, also making the openwork. You can easily find many Easter eggs exhibitions along the whole Spring. They present egg shells as a very attractive base to create a spectacular patterns. The effects of this precise, detailed work is sometimes really breathtaking. Today we would like to introduce the artist who specializes in creating beautiful, lace-like sculptures from egg shells - Franc Grom. Each egg he made contains 2,500 to 17,000 tiny holes made with a small electric boring tool.

Hope you find this idea inspiring enough to go further in your decorative efforts. Drop us a line on below if you know any other interesting ideas for egg decorating!






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  1. Renee says:

    i think these are really cool. definitely some intricate stuff. do you have a video on how you do this and where do you get your ideas from as far as patterns go?

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