Food Art Photography

Get inspired to play with your food!
Your childhood dreams of building the whole city of potatoes and a piece of meat on your plate have been fulfilled by combined forces of a food stylist Anna Keville Joyce and a photographer Augustin Nieto. They used they unusual imagination and artistic talent to illustrate four famous capitals in Eastern Europe with simple tools such as sugar, rice, mashed potatoes etc. The duo worked out on every detail to capture the distinct mood of each city.

I believe it’s never too late to make your childhood dreams come true. Yet, if we all had started with Food Art On The Plate when we were younger, building the food cities or painting Tiny Landscape would be effortless now. But practice makes the master so don’t wait for too long.

What’s your opinion on playing with food? Leave a comment below.

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0 thoughts on “Food Art Photography

  1. No says:

    Oh please don’t. Just paint or draw for god’s sake. Don’t waste food. It’s plain stupid, people. Seriously. (And ugly by the way. Please leave the art postings to art blogs.)

  2. Karina Haczek says:

    You are entitled to your opinion @No but we don’t see anything inappropriate in playing with food, especially if it’s going to be eaten afterwards :)

  3. krnr58 says:

    I think it’s lovely to look at. If you don’t like it then why did you look at it or open the link!? Sorry, luv, you can’t control the world! MORE FOOD ART PLEASE!! :-)

  4. No says:

    Can you read? “What’s your opinion on playing with food? Leave a comment below.” That’s what I did. Are you ok with that?

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